Speech-Language Pathology

Speech therapy is a rehabilitative therapy that assists individuals with speech, language, hearing, cognitive and swallowing disorders.

At Jenkins Living Center, speech therapy focuses on:

  • Improving speech/language expression and/or comprehension
  • Speech reading skills
  • Establishing functional communication skills
  • Safe swallow function
  • Improving oral motor skills for more accurate speech production

With the help of speech therapy, individuals can minimize the effects of their conditions.

Skilled speech therapy services at Jenkins Living Center are provided by:

Andrea Vosberg - MA, CCC-SLP

Andrea graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology/Communications Disorders. Andrea is a member of the American Speech-Hearing Association and the South Dakota Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Her background experience includes: instructor/supervisor and Program Director of the Communication Disorder’s Department at Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D.; Speech/Language Pathologist in school and skilled nursing facility settings. Andrea has worked in skilled nursing facilities for over a decade.